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Woodland Brown Woodchip

Woodland Brown Woodchip

AUD $130.00 /m3

One of our BEST SELLING Premium Mulches made from Pine Woodchips from 100% sustainable, renewable tree farms in our South West and with an all natural brown die (similar to food die) added to give it a rich, dark colour

Introduced as a direct replacement to the Marri and Jarrah Woodchip Mulches which unfortunately are becoming very hard to get hold of here in Perth with raw materials being very scarce due to government imposed bans on logging those particular timbers whereas the Pine is always in production and Pine mulches are always readily available

This mulch is kid and pet friendly and will hold its colour longer than the traditional Marri and Jarrah Hardwood Woodchips previously available


We can help all your garden and landscape supplies, from quality soil and sand to decorative garden stone or mulch, with delivery available to all Perth suburbs

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