Below are the terms and conditions that apply when placing an order. Confirmation of the shopping cart implies acceptance of the below terms and conditions

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how our trucks operate, we are unable to provide times for deliveries. If you require your order for a specific day, please book delivery for the day before to ensure it is on site for the day required

If you would like to place a tarp/ground cover for the delivery to be placed on, please ensure that it is spread, and adequately weighted, by 7am on the day of delivery

Delivery will be made to the verge of your property unless other arrangements have been made

Rear laneway deliveries are only possible where there is adequate space to deliver the product without obstructing the laneway

Mini trucks require clearance of 3m width and 5m overhead to allow for tipping, more clearance is required for larger truck deliveries

We are unable to deliver under trees with low hanging branches

We are unable to deliver under low powerlines or transmission lines from the power pole to the house

Our trucks are unable to drive on sandy or boggy ground

If the requested delivery site is not accessible, your delivery will be placed in the nearest suitable location – All decisions as to site suitability rest with the driver

Cancellations must be received and processed minimum 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date – Delivery fee will not be refunded if less than 24 hours notice is given

Soil Yourself have been our one stop shop for all of our soil and sand supplies. The team are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and the prices are competitive. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to complete a landscaping project.”

Ben Abbott, Signbiz WA