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We can supply and deliver an extensive range of blue metal, road base, gravel and decorative garden stone supplies to suit your needs

Cracker dust is also known as Blue Metal Dust, Crusher Dust or Decomposed Granite. It is commonly used as a base for artificial lawn and paving

Road base and Road/Driveway Gravel offer a cheap solution for driveways or extra car parking. Other uses include aggregate for concrete footings

Blue Metal, Pea Gravel and other Decorative Garden Stone can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the look of your garden or landscape project

All our Gravel & Stone products are delivered directly from the quarry. This allows us to offer competitive prices on delivery to all Perth suburbs


Blue Metal 2mm Cracker / Crusher Dust. Perth Gravel & Stone Supplier. Quarry direct delivery to all Perth suburbs. For all your garden and landscape supplies

2mm Blue Metal Cracker Dust

Also called Crusher Dust, Blue Metal Dust or Decomposed Granite, Cracker Dust is a fine crushing of locally quarried granite (commonly known as Blue Metal) screened to less than 2mm

Most commonly used as the base for artificial / synthetic lawns or paving, providing a much firmer base than Brickies Sand while still able to be easily screeded and compacted

Also used as a trench base and packing for drainage pipes

We recommend spreading at a minimum of 100mm coverage to obtain a rock solid foundation for your artificial lawn or paving project

Cracker Dust is not recommended for vehicle traffic or driveways, unless being applied under paving. Our Blue Metal Road Base is a much better alternative for driveways as it is specifically designed for this purpose and made to Australian Main Roads Standards. For trafficable artificial lawn, Blue Metal Road Base should be spread at 100mm and compacted, then 20mm of 2mm Crusher Dust spread over the top to allow for screeding

By delivering our products to customers directly from the quarry, we are able to operate at a fraction of the cost of typical landscape yards and pass these savings directly to our customers offering you Perth’s best prices on all your landscape and garden supplies

Price: AUD $70.00 /m³

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Blue Metal 20mm. Perth Gravel & Stone Supplier. Quarry direct delivery to all Perth suburbs. For all your garden and landscape supplies

Blue Metal 20mm

Our 20 mm Blue Metal is sourced from local quarries

It’s common applications are

  • Soakwell lining
  • Drainage aggregate
  • Cement aggregate
  • Decorative garden stone
  • Garden pathways

Price: AUD $115.00 /m³

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Blue Metal Road Base

Our Blue Metal Roadbase is made to Australian Main Roads Standards from locally quarried crushed granite (commonly known as Blue Metal)

Being a Main Roads standard product this Road Base is used extensively under most suburban roads in Perth

Can be used for pathways, extra car parking, driveways, access tracks or as a rock-hard base under driveway paving

Can also be used to make concrete, simply mix with water and cement, perfect for footings etc


PLEASE NOTE: As there is a shortage of blue metal roadbase due to all the Main Roads projects that are on at the moment consuming the quarries stockpiles, we will be substituting the product with a recycled roadbase that is produced to the same Australian Standard as the quarry direct product

Price: AUD $80.00 /m³

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Limestone Roadbase 19mm

Limestone Roadbase or crushed limestone is commonly used as a roadbase under paths and driveways, in poured limestone concrete and loose as an informal path.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not hold this product in stock and deliver directly from the quarry so are unable to deliver on Saturdays. Orders placed for Saturday will be automatically rebooked for the next available day

Price: AUD $80.00 /m³

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Rainbow Stone 20mm

Quartz stone normally used as a decorative mulch or for a feature pathway

Price: AUD $335.00 /m³

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Cracked Pea Gravel 12mm. Perth Gravel & Stone Supplier. Quarry direct delivery to all Perth suburbs. For all your garden and landscape supplies

Cracked Pea Gravel 12mm

Cracked Pea Gravel is a crushed, angular alternative to the round pea gravel. Cracked pea is a popular product as it tends to pack down well in comparison to the round pea gravel which can prove a little slippery under foot. A great product for the budget conscious wanting a natural, warm feel to their path, driveway or mulched garden area.

Price: AUD $115.00 /m³

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Red Roadbase / Ferricrete 12mm

Price: AUD $80.00 /m³

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16mm Black Basalt Stone. Decorative garden stone. Quarry direct delivery to all Perth suburbs. For all your garden and landscape supplies

Black Basalt 20mm

Our 20mm Black Basalt Stone is a favourite for decorative garden paths or as a ground cover

Price: AUD $245.00 /m³

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