Freshen up your garden beds, protect your plants from the heat and save on costly reticulation bills with a generous covering of mulch

When mulch and soil conditioners are applied to your garden, fungi and soil bacteria begin breaking down, releasing nutrients in the process

We suggest a coverage of 100mm – at this depth 1m3 of mulch will cover 10m2 of ground space

All our mulches are 100% organic


Black Mulch – BUDGET (Coarse)

A thick, chunky mulch designed to allow more water to penetrate while still providing evaporation and erosion protection to the soil

Made from a blend of ground tree waste and compost it will feed your plants as it breaks down

Price: AUD $50.00 /m³

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Enviro Mulch

The Enviro Mulch is made from crushed, composted tree waste, it is a chunky, open mulch providing excellent water penetration while keeping the heat from drying the soil below

Price: AUD $50.00 /m³

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Marri / Redgum Wood Chip Mulch

Marri / Redgum woodchips produced from only the hardwood of the tree

The most hardwearing of our mulches, providing plenty of water penetration while keeping the sun from drying the soil below

Most chips are between a 20c and 50c coin in size

Price: AUD $100.00 /m³

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Black Mulch – PREMIUM (Fine)

Our BEST SELLING mulch, a premium grade, finely ground tree waste mulch blended with peat to give a rich, black colour

Designed as a budget alternative to our popular Karri & Peat Mulch which unfortunately is becoming very hard to get hold of with raw materials being very scarce


Price: AUD $75.00 AUD $70.00 /m3

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Karri & Peat Mulch

The finest of our PREMIUM Mulch range, a blend of ground Karri Bark and Peat to give a rich, black colour

Price: AUD $110.00 AUD $100.00 /m3

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