Not everyone is blessed with a spacious exterior to accommodate their garden. Some homeowners only have a small area to work with and this can somewhat limit their design choices, especially if they’re on a tight budget. But even the tiniest plot can be converted into a beautiful outdoor retreat if you know how to properly utilise the space you have.

In reality, small gardens have plenty of advantages. First off, they’re very low maintenance. It takes minimal effort to keep your garden looking great all year round. Secondly, small gardens allow you to be more creative as even the smallest additions can make a huge impact on its overall appeal. Lastly, you can bring your garden to life without spending a fortune on design!

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your small garden, then you came to the right place. These 10 budget design ideas will help spruce up your tiny outdoor space and leave your visitors wholly impressed.

  1. 1.Use a vertical wall for your plants

Because the space is limited, you want to emulate the look of a living wall by adding horizontal fence panels. These panels can transform a plain wall into a decorative structure where you can hang pots, baskets, and other design elements you wish to add.

You can also install fence panels on the side of the balcony and turn it into a vertical garden. When designing a small garden, think vertically for planting to make it look lush and vibrant without taking up too much space.

  1. 2.Fit a small dining table

Don’t let the small space hinder you from enjoying al fresco dining. You can invest in a compact dining table that fits neatly in the corner of the garden. Ideally, you want a foldable wooden table to save even more space. The same thing applies with chairs. Get a set of foldable wooden pairs that match with your dining table for that compact, outdoor dining solution.

  1. 3.Divide the garden layout

You can make a small garden look spacious by dividing the garden layout. For example, you can use sand to make each part of the garden stand out more. The stark contrast of white sand against the green of grass and plants will make them pop more and seem as if there is more empty space. White sand can even act as an anchor point to where you can design the rest of the garden around it. A sand pit for kids to play in or as a space to put down the dining table. Separate the vertical plants from the al fresco dining area and your petite garden will suddenly appear roomier.

  1. 4.Create the illusion of extra height with a painted backdrop

A painted backdrop is a great way to add an illusion of extra height to your garden. All it takes is a simple colour block treatment of your garden fencing to jazz it up and compliment green foliage wonderfully. We suggest using darker colours so the rest of the elements in your garden stand out.

  1. 5.Use floor cushions as extra seats

Floor seats make for great space savers. They’re portable and extremely comfortable, which adds plus points to any small garden. Floor cushions take up less space than standard garden chairs and can be piled up when not in use for easy storage.

  1. 6.Create a multifunctional shed

A multifunctional shed is a huge boon to a small garden. Use the shed for storage during winter and open it up as a mini bar during the summer for al fresco sundowners and garden parties. You don’t need tons of space for a multifunctional space. All you need is a versatile design that can be alternated for cold to warm seasons.

  1. 7.Elevate plants to different levels

Through a combination of cheaper filler sand as a base and good quality soil atop that, you can save space with terrace gardening. This will require both materials in bulk as the amount required to raise up the ground will be significant. However, using this method you can make the most of your limited space while not sacrificing on the amount and variety of your plants.

  1. 8.Add a mini greenhouse

Even the smallest of gardens can fit a mini greenhouse comfortably. Think of a cabinet-style greenhouse that can be positioned and fixated in an area in your garden with adequate sunshine. Nothing screams character and creativity than a garden with a well-placed mini greenhouse containing foliage and blossoms.

  1. 9.Utilise every corner of courtyard space

If your garden is located inside a small courtyard space, you can maximise its potential by utilising all four corners. Often times a courtyard space can feel somewhat enclosed, but you can alleviate this by implementing corner seats. You can conceal the imposing walls by using high-backed corner seats to create an illusion of space and make your garden feel less enclosed.

  1. 10.Recycle unused items

The last of our budget design ideas is to recycle unused items. This is a cost-effective way of enhancing the look of your garden by adding unique elements that stand out from the rest of your design. For example, you can cut an old basketball in half and use that as a hanging pot for your vertical garden. Or, you can repurpose old tires and use them as a table or as garden seats.

Whether you’re looking to design a tiny balcony garden or squeeze in some favorite garden furniture, the key is to make the most out of the available space. Small gardens require a bit of thought to make them more appealing and hopefully with these budget ideas, you can design your tiny garden and turn it into a beautiful outdoor setting.